Our Southernmost Point: Interim Stats

S/V Boundless has reached its southernmost point on this voyage: Prickly Bay on the south coast of Grenada. This juncture seemed like an appropriate time to read out some statistics on our travels.

We are now 1,972 nautical miles away from our northernmost point, Somes Harbor on Mount Desert Island, Maine.

Since originally leaving Annapolis, Maryland in July 2017, we have covered 3,829 miles under the keel. We have around 3,100 miles to go before we get back to Annapolis at the end of June 2018.

Our longest continuous time at sea was St. Georges, Bermuda to Jolly Harbour, Antigua at 957 miles over 6 days.

Of our 238 total nights aboard, we have spent:

– 124 at anchor (52%)

– 62 at a marina (26%)

– 37 on a mooring ball (16%)

– 15 underway at sea (6%)

Our “sleeping for free” nights at anchor or underway at sea have drastically improved from 34% while in the US to 83% outside the US.

We have stopped in 62 different places, with the longest stay by far at 27 nights anchored off Sainte-Anne, Martinique. The shortest being Rodney Bay, St. Lucia for 13 hours – just long enough to sleep and then move on.

And we’ve done lots of activities:

– 13 hikes 

– 19 museums, gardens, and forts 

– 7 snorkeling trips 

– 4 theatrical productions 

You can look forward to updated and expanded stats once we complete our voyage this summer!

9 Replies to “Our Southernmost Point: Interim Stats”

  1. From Jack, a friend of Jack Batty’s…. enjoyed the stats. Surprised only 15 nights at sea.
    Also surprised you are only going as south as Grenada. I have been following a Swedish couple sailing Ran. They are on utube. They speak highly of the islands near Venezuela and Panama. Maybe next time. We are in Florida for a month, avoiding the Northeasters that roll thru Conn. another one brewing. Be safe

    1. Unfortunately with only a year to work with, Grenada is as far as we can run. Also things are a little dicey near Venezuela these days. Maybe next time!

  2. Thinking about you all. Love reading about all your adventures – and seeing the photos – and, of course, reading the interim data report!
    That is some impressive mileage! What a team you all are. Does anyone miss soccer or band? Just curious:) We miss you! We look forward to following your blog as you travel the next 3,000 miles and we look forward to welcoming you back. Can’t wait to hear all your stories.

    1. Miss you guys also! Not sure about the kids, but I miss watching band and soccer 😉 See you at band camp…

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