Our Story

We’re the Sharpe Family.

Boundless Crew

This really all started back in 1999 when Doug and Kristin set off on our first sailing adventure. We left the Chesapeake in September 1999, sailed the eastern US coast, got married in Miami, then sailed the Bahamas, northern Caribbean, and Bermuda. After we returned, life got serious. Andy was born, we started a company, Erin was born, and we lived the suburban life. But the urge to return to the sailing life never left us.

We sold our company in fall 2016 and it wasn’t long before we realized we had a very small window of time to share our dream with our kids before they’re too old to join us. So we’re doing this! But, there was a lot to do before we left in July 2017. The boat needed to get from the BVI’s to the Chesapeake, we needed to work out home schooling, and both the kids are type 1 diabetic. This will be a little complicated. But we hope it will also be a life affirming, life changing experience.