By The Numbers: Voyage Stats

As we arrive back in Annapolis after our year-long voyage, we wanted to share some statistics on our travels.

Boundless covered 6,944 nautical miles under the keel. Our longest continuous time at sea was Jost Van Dyke, BVI to Key West, FL at 1,143 miles over 7 days.

Our northernmost point was Somes Harbor on Mount Desert Island, Maine, southernmost was Prickly Bay, Grenada, westernmost was Havana, Cuba, and easternmost was Sainte-Anne, Martinique.

Of our 348 total nights on the voyage, Boundless spent:

– 161 at anchor (46%)

– 110 at a marina (32%)

– 45 on a mooring ball (13%)

– 33 underway at sea (9%)

Our “sleeping for free” nights (at anchor or underway at sea) were much higher outside the US at 75% versus 33% within the US.

Boundless only berthed at four marinas outside the US (Jolly Harbour in Antigua, Marina Bas du Fort in Guadeloupe, Nanny Cay in BVI, and Marina Hemingway in Cuba). Out of the 28 total nights at foreign marinas, half was at Marina Hemingway.

We left the boat and slept in a hotel for 16 nights (9 while on trips home to Virginia, 2 for carnival in Martinique, and 5 while touring Cuba).

46% of our nights underway at sea were in the last two months of the voyage (15 of 33) and we covered over 2,500 nautical miles during that period (36% of total miles).

Boundless spent the night in 87 different places, with the longest stay by far at 27 nights anchored off Sainte-Anne, Martinique. Other long stays were Galleon Marina in Key West, FL (13, but we were home in VA 6 of those days), Marina Hemingway in Havana, Cuba (13), and anchored in Clarke’s Court Bay, Grenada (12). The shortest overnight stay was Rodney Bay, St. Lucia for 13 hours.

Boundless visited nine countries, with two speaking French (Martinique and Guadeloupe) and one Spanish (Cuba). Our longest number of days in a country were: Martinique (32), Antigua (29), Grenada (27), and Guadeloupe (25).

Within the US, we visited 11 states – Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, and Florida.

If you want to see the full list of our 87 destinations and miles between, visit the Our Voyage page.

Our watermaker converted around 7,000 gallons of seawater to freshwater. So the crew showered whenever we wanted!

We put around 700 hours on our diesel engine and 600 hours on our generator. Yes, that’s a lot of engine hours for a sailboat, but a lot of our miles from BVI to Miami were without a mainsail.

Want more stats? Ask for ’em in the comments!

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    1. There were some bitter disputes between Kristin and I regarding which bourbon tastes best in a sundowner. Otherwise, not too much conflict.

    1. Thinking about a mini-voyage to New England next summer. Next big trip likely not until kids are in college.

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