Photo Gallery 1 (first 2 weeks)

The highlights of our first 2 weeks aboard through the eyes of camera woman Erin.

Heading to Whitehall
Satisfied with our new life
Camera man
(what Andy was taking a picture of)
Even storms can be pretty beforehand
Boat breakfast
The sandwich train
Boarding the dinghy
Adjusting the sun shade
New grill is quite hot
Home sweet home
Rainy movie night and snacks for dinner

7 Replies to “Photo Gallery 1 (first 2 weeks)”

  1. Wonderful to see you are off on your journey. Love the short haircuts and excellent journaling and photography! The food looks pretty darned good! We landlubbers are very excited about the whole scenario and look forward to following you, wherever you go! Much love, Carolyn and Jack

  2. Love the photojournalism, Erin! You have the knack for catching the mood as it is. And that mood looks so relaxed…almost like you’ve already left the fierce gravity of the land behind you and all it’s worries. The sky, the water, the snacks…the LIFE! And can’t forget the new on board hair.

  3. I have the same grill . Did you know you can grill old-bay chicken wings low & slow while underway…..??

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