The Final Packing Day

I’m cleaning up the last little doo-dads on my dresser. There’s a small spool of thread. “Oh crap” I think, “I don’t think we have a sewing kit on the boat!”. I yell downstairs to Doug “Is there a sewing kit on the boat?”. Doug yells back, “A mini one like from a hotel”.

I head downstairs to get a container to make a boat sewing box. I open the Tupperware drawer and remember “shoot, I didn’t clean out this drawer”. Now all the Tupperware is around me on the kitchen floor and I’m matching bottoms to tops.

Erin comes into the kitchen and starts pulling out food from the mass of leftovers from our going away party last night. Her blood sugar is low and has been for a while. We get distracted getting food into her and her blood sugar back in range. She gets a text from a friend and asks if she can go out. Her room is a mess and she’s the least packed of all of us. No way.

Back to the Tupperware. I throw away a bunch of plastic-ware orphans and put the matches back into the drawer. Everything fits so neatly. I ask myself “Why did I wait to do this until the day before we leave”?

Back upstairs to the closet with the sewing box, an appropriately-sized container for a small boat sewing kit in hand. “Oh crap” I think again. “This is a mess”. Now all the contents of the sewing box are on the floor of the hallway and I’m sorting stray buttons, throwing out old thread, and cleaning dust bunnies from the bottom of the closet where the sewing box was (apparently, I don’t sew very often). I select a few things and make a boat sewing box. I hem and haw over taking the pin cushion that Doug’s Mom made me. I love that pin cushion, but don’t need it on the boat. The pin cushion stays.

How long did it take to create this boat sized sewing box?

It’s an hour and a half later and I’m back where I started, trying to finish cleaning up the final dresser doo-dads. This day may never end!

A sign from last night’s party

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  1. Kristin, I laughed at the word choice when engaged in your sewing kit project, “I hem and haw”. And so true on tupperware lids and containers; with our move to the new house coming up in September I foresee a game of plastic bin toss in our near future.

    Love the party signage. For our pool area I’d like to erect a post filled with names of int’l places/ports we’ve visited…fun.

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