The Scene in the Grenadines

After escaping the baguette-induced haze of the French islands, it was back to speaking good old English in the Grenadines. While the Grenadine Islands are composed of around 600 islands and islets between St. Vincent and Grenada, we only visited three: Bequia, Petit St. Vincent, and Carriacou. Continue reading “The Scene in the Grenadines”

Vivre Une Vie Française en Guadeloupe! (Living a French Life in Guadeloupe!)

We left Antigua at sunrise on December 29th for a lovely 5 hour sail to Guadeloupe. On the way we gawked at Montserrat and the steam coming out of the active volcano. We dropped anchor off the town of Deshaies (pronounced Day-hay), dropped the dinghy, and went to town to check in. 

Continue reading “Vivre Une Vie Française en Guadeloupe! (Living a French Life in Guadeloupe!)”

Passage to Antigua

We planned to leave as early in the morning as possible from Bermuda to avoid a front that was nearing our location. Because of this we arrived at Bermuda customs in St. George’s at 8am. As we pulled Boundless up to the customs dock, an official was on the dock, which was odd. He offered to catch our line and said “we have a problem, and unfortunately, our problem is your problem”. Continue reading “Passage to Antigua”