Waiting for Jose and Massachusetts Recap

Hurricane Jose smashed through the Caribbean, roared up the east coast, then sat off New England bringing four days of high winds and waves off Boston. So we scratched our plans for Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and some of Connecticut and prepared Boundless for the storms. Then we waited. Continue reading “Waiting for Jose and Massachusetts Recap”

Experiencing Sensory Overload… and Loving It!

Except for college, I’ve lived my entire life in Washington, DC or in the suburbs of DC or New York City. I traveled to cities all the time with work. I’m used to cities. I love cities. But that didn’t stop me from experiencing sensory overload in Boston. Continue reading “Experiencing Sensory Overload… and Loving It!”

The Final Packing Day

I’m cleaning up the last little doo-dads on my dresser. There’s a small spool of thread. “Oh crap” I think, “I don’t think we have a sewing kit on the boat!”. I yell downstairs to Doug “Is there a sewing kit on the boat?”. Doug yells back, “A mini one like from a hotel”. Continue reading “The Final Packing Day”